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About Me:


My name is Logan Stillwell. I am a Chicago based mid sized Ball Python breeder focusing on recessive based morphs. This is a labor of love for me and I produce what visually pleases me and want to share with my customers. I ship within the US, produce stunning multiple gene monsters to quality single gene and love every minute of it! I have worked with several different species of snakes over the years but Ball Pythons have been the backbone of my reptile passion.

My Mission:

Quality genetics and excellent customer service is my definition of success. I take pride in being selective with my breeders and holdbacks to continually improve my collection. Never becoming complacent and always learning and teaching has allowed my passion to thrive year after year. My ultimate goal is to provide healthy, visually pleasing snakes to collectors, breeders and even pet owners. I believe passion is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. When you buy from me, you buy with confidence.

Even More:

I am the Midwest distributor for ReptiChip – Premium Coconut Substrate currently serving:

IL, IA, IN, WI, MI, MO, OH, ND, SD, NE, KS, KY. The reason I sell this product is because I use it, love it, and back it 100%. If you’re unable to attend your local reptile show or cant find it in your area please contact me so I can get this amazing substrate into your hands. I do offer shipping as well. Purchase ReptiChip here. If you’re a private collector and would like to buy in bulk contact me to discuss pallet pricing.